Creative Photography

Photography, like the arts in general, is open to many different styles and techniques. I am consistently discovering new techniques for using photography creatively.

While many people have a preference for making or viewing ‘straight’ photography, that shouldn’t dissuade you from exploring different methods of creative photography.

Creative techniques have been used since the very beginning of photography. These techniques include; collage, photomontage, cyanotype, sonography, scanography and many more.

Abstract Photography
Frivolous Obstacles 13, New York City, May 2020

Many photographic techniques require expensive equipment or studios and lighting or for that matter, the ability to go out and shoot the streets. As we have been in lockdown for a number of months now, I have noticed many people producing more creative photography.

I have also had the time to work on more creative techniques. In upcoming posts I will be discussing a number of different creative techniques and I’m in the process of making videos on how to create them.

For the moment, I am sharing with you a scanography image that I recently made. No camera required!