Photography is – part eleven

The action doesn’t stop.
But a photo desires to freeze time in a way that it can be remembered.
If we didn’t pause to look and shoot, life would still move on.
A photograph exists as a memory of a time that no longer exists.
My photos are a record that I was here.
It is what I do with my time.

LES Street
LES Morning, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part ten

Photography is a facsimile.
It is a miniature view of a much larger picture.
Even a 360 degree photos misses more than it captures.
It represents the fleeting moments in life.

Monochrome Street Photography
The Great Believers, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part nine

Truth resides in photography only as much as the person who took it believed it was worth shooting it.
Truth in photography exists when the viewer can relate to the image that is represented in a photo.

Monochrome Street Photography
Love + Be Loved, New York City, May 2019

Photography is – part eight

I am my photographs and my photographs are me.
You can’t really separate the two.
So obviously there’s no objectivity!
The idea that photography can represent truth, also means it can represent lies. And everything in between.

Hell's Kitchen New York City
Heart NY, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part seven

If you ask me how long it took to make a single photo, my answer would be, my entire life. You can’t decide to pull something out of context.
A photo always has a context, even when it is not obvious or conscious.
Photography involves the whole being.

New York City in Rain
See Through, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part six

If photography looks easy, it’s because you are witnessing art.
It is only easy in the sense that you also find it easy to do things that you always do. That does not take away from its value.
Of course you rarely see the failures of any great artist.
We are shown what is deemed to be worthy.

Monochrome Manhattan
W 42nd St, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part five

Developing happens at many stages,
The first is in the action of taking a photo.
It is with a different eye that filtering between those that were taken and those that are deemed worthy can occur.
Then comes the actual processing of the photo.
That works when the vision in the mind matches the ability to see and develop. These steps don’t always happen instantly or orderly.

Lower East Side Street Photography
Die! Die! Ratanic, New York City, December 2019