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Abstract Street Photography
Winogrand Doubles – Ladies, New York City, August 2019

Photography Need Not Be Realistic

Photography is a very young medium in the world of art. Early art was used as both a form of documenting and story telling. In painting there has been a long tradition of creating realistic representations of life. Perhaps they were hoping to represent the present and to preserve the past. To flirt with immortality.

Photography disrupted that tradition by being a more realistic representation of reality. Many artists accused photographers of being too lazy to go to art school! It is clear that artists felt threatened by this new medium.

At about the same point in time artists stopped trying to be so realistic in their representations of life. It opened the doors for more abstract art. Even so, not all photography strives to represent reality in a realistic fashion.

Standing, New York City, June 2019

I also do abstract photography and it is something that gives me great pleasure to create as well as to view the abstract photography of others.

Why limit your vision or feel a need to color in the lines? There are so many different methods to shoot and process your photos and so many possible subjects to focus on. Try something new! You might even like it!