Photography is – part five

Developing happens at many stages,
The first is in the action of taking a photo.
It is with a different eye that filtering between those that were taken and those that are deemed worthy can occur.
Then comes the actual processing of the photo.
That works when the vision in the mind matches the ability to see and develop. These steps don’t always happen instantly or orderly.

Lower East Side Street Photography
Die! Die! Ratanic, New York City, December 2019

Photography is – part four

Seeing happens on levels.
It doesn’t take language to see.
but it can take time to have a deeper sense for a photo.
It is also necessary to develop a photo to see it in its true light.
To judge its merit.

Monochrome Street Photography
Embrace the Absurdity, New York City, December , 2019

Photography is – part three

Sometimes it can take years before I gain an appreciation for a photo.
It can take me awhile to catch up.
Vision changes when photos have the opportunity to marinate.
It’s not about souvenirs and nostalgia for something in the past.

Monochrome Street Photography
Shopping on Madison Avenue, New York City, December 2019

Photography is -part two

So I don’t know what a photo will be beforehand.
It is always subjective.
I choose to shoot some things.
And not others.
Even after pressing the shutter,
I don’t really know what I have.

Monochrome Street Photography
White Shoes, New York City, December 2019

Curiosity fuels creativity

No matter what form of creative pursuit you choose, the tools that you utilize are those which best allow you to express yourself.

While the tools are an important part of the process, they require the efforts of the artist to become meaningful.

Inspiration and creativity arise from the human imagination. The act of creating often comes from a place below the surface of rational thought.

Abstract Street Photography
An Eye, New York City, May 2019

But how do you find inspiration and get the creative juices moving? This is a topic that will be discussed in a number of posts as there isn’t one definitive answer.

But for now, I believe that one of the biggest assets in the creative process is curiosity. Curiosity asks questions about everything.

Curiosity leads you down many paths and is capable of opening new doors. I credit whatever creativity that I have to my innate impulse to question everything.

Do you have a method of finding your creative inspiration? I would love to hear about it.

Photography reveals

It is impossible to stand outside of yourself and create an image. Photography always reveals something about the photographer.

An image is a reflection of the person making it. It is personal. The more that you work on your image making, the more your style becomes apparent.

Photography is like a language. It is capable of layers of meaning in a single image. It’s like poetry. Rich with possibilities.

The Exploding Art Show
The Exploding Art Show, New York City, May 2008

When an image is successful, it can have multiple meanings. Each viewer brings to a photo their own story. Their interpretation.

The beauty of any artistic pursuit is that it is never-ending. One image by itself is like a page in a book. An artist strives for a body of work that represents their vision.