Street Photography Tips – Visual Rhyming

I love capturing visual rhyming in street photography. The funny thing is that I was unable to find anything on it doing a web search. I don’t believe that I invented it. For the most part it seems that the term is used in writing. So I will provide my description of visual rhyming in photography.

In the photo below, the man is wearing a striped shirt and standing at the crosswalk with the white stripes on the street. The mind sees the two sets of stripes and recognizes this. They just have a way of fitting together even though it isn’t necessary for it you to verbalize it in your mind.

Yes, vision precedes language and the necessity to translate what it sees into words. That said, it’s surprising how often visual rhymes appear in street photography opportunities. If you keep your eyes open to them you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.

Queens Street Photography
Stripes Crossing, New York City, June 2019

Of course, you can stand at an intersection and wait for the stripes to appear. Other possible visual rhymes are when a person’s clothing matches a color in the background. Below you can see an example of rhyming with colors. 

Soho Street Photography
Rainy Day in Soho, New York City, August 2018

Somehow the above photos would be far less interesting without the rhyming. These are just a few examples of one more thing that you can look for while out shooting the streets. It’s a bit like poetry and it provides another layer of depth to your photography. Happy rhyming!

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