Street Photography Tips – Working with Light

The winter light is beautiful for photography. Without light, there is no photography. The word photography literally means writing with light.

So learning how to take advantage of the light is a number one priority. I have always been a natural light photographer. I’m not especially fond of working with studio lighting or flash photography though I do occasionally use fill flash during daylight hours. This is of course, my personal preference.

I shoot all year and in all kinds of lighting situations. From bright sunny days to overcast days. I focus on following the light. There are times when I have a sense while shooting that I’m going to process in b&w or color. It becomes easy to see it while shooting.

Monochrome Street Photography
Stripes and Shadows, New York City, 14 March 2020

But there are other times when it’s only after uploading the photos to computer that I am able to decide. I often like to let my photos “marinate” for awhile before making that decision.

In this photo I was shooting into a window reflection and capturing shadows. I chose b&w because I wanted the focus to be on the lines and not distract the image with color.

I do hope that you are enjoying the winter light and it’s beautiful effects in photography. And for all the Australians and others who are in the Southern Hemisphere, the summer light is also very nice. Okay, I just love the light. Happy writing with light!

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