Street Photography Tips – Slow Photography part 1

I know that I’ve written about slow photography in the past, but I think it’s a good thing to mention it again. In this digital world with the mass proliferation of images the idea of slowing down has a real appeal. It’s possible that my age has an influence on this. Either way, I find that you get an equal amount of good photos by going slow. Possibly more.

Color Street Photography
Young and Hip in the City 6, New York City, March 2018

The photos that are included here are an example of slow photography. That is to say that I found a spot that I liked and waited for a person to enter the shot. It’s funny how easy it is in New York City to feel compelled to move fast. It takes a little effort to stop and observe. The same is true with digital photography in general and more specifically in street photography. So the idea that you need to be hungry or that you need to chase the shot just isn’t true in my opinion.

Color Street Photography
Greening in Soho, New York City, August 2018

I recently got my Ricohflex back from repair and I finished my first roll of film with it in awhile. It’s a medium format camera with a waist level viewfinder. I am forced to shoot slowly with it and I realize how easy it is to press the shutter on a digital camera. I’m not saying that one is better or worse. Only that it changes the way that I see. If you haven’t tried slow photography I do suggest it.

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