Street Photography Tips – Human Interaction

My new favorite thing to capture is people looking up. That is a form of humans interacting with their environment. I do also like to capture people interacting with others. It is like a silent film. We are left to interpret what the person(s) are thinking about.

It’s so rare to see a New Yorker looking up! It’s also interesting when they are tourists. The photo on the right was taken during a recent street photography workshop in Midtown. There’s a sense of awe. Perhaps it was his first trip to NYC.

Monochrome Street Photography
Look Up, New York City, September 2018

The photo on the left and the one that accompanies this week’s assignment are both New Yorkers looking at the progress of an 80 story office tour that is being built next to Grand Central Terminal. There’s something special about capturing human action. Especially when they are unaware of the camera!

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