Thoughts on Photography – Chance

Whether I’m shooting street photography or abstract lens-based art, the element of chance is always an important factor. I generally start with intention in a loose way. There are things that I want to achieve and capture. But since I’m not able to predict the weather or what will appear in front of my lens, the element of chance takes part in the process as well.

It’s too easy to get disappointed. You wanted a long exposure of the skyline at dusk and it rained that day. Or it rained and you wanted long shadows. Or or. . . Fill in the blanks. I guess I’ve become flexible. I shoot in almost all weather. I like to shoot everywhere and just about all the time. That said I’m urban through and through. Urban photography requires flexibility of body and mind. Living in a big city or shooting one is always about chance!

Monochrome Street Photography
Beastie Boys, New York City, September 2017

Chance also implies change. Like being a shapeshifter. Adapting to the environment. Photography never bores me. You could say that I love it! And I give it my everything. Or at least I always try. I almost always come home with a handful of keepers.

I shoot because I am. What it all means I don’t know. But photography is a way of life. How cool is that? I consider myself lucky to do what I love. It took me many many years to get here and I still have a long way to go!

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