Street Photography Toolbox

I started the weekly photo assignment * as a method of supplying different possible styles that you can have in your toolbox. Your toolbox is the different styles that you can use when out shooting street photography.

It is good to have a few areas of focus when you’re out shooting. Not too many all at once. If you continually work on a few different styles then you can create a cohesive body of work and see progress as well as areas to improve.

Greenwich Village Street Photography
Flames in the Village, New York City, April 2012

The above photo uses three possible styles that you can use. The first is the ‘rule’ of thirds. It isn’t always important to use a rule of composition when shooting street. But when you are shooting slow photography or you just have the time to wait for the subject to be in position, it is a good rule to use.

The second is being able to capture a sense of motion. The legs are apart in stride suggesting movement. Especially in combination with the subject walking towards the edge of the frame.

The third is having the background be an important element of the photo. The fact that she’s dressed in black adds more emphasis to the street art.

This photo was taken in 2012. There are two wheat paste street art pieces on the wall. One of Jay Z and the other of a much younger Donald Trump. They are made by Shepard Fairey who also created the Obama Hope art poster when Obama was running for president. (That seems like ages ago now.)

When you focus on a few styles on a regular basis, you no longer need to be conscious of looking for them. It becomes natural. Like learning a new language. You become fluent. It is a good method of improving and organizing your photography.

So how many styles can you find in the photos in the newsletter and what is a common element in most of the photos? Oh, could this be a contest? Maybe.

*The weekly photo assignment is announced in my newsletter and people who are in the Shoot New York City Facebook group post the weekly assignments in it.

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