Street Photography Tips – Personal Focus

The more you focus on just a few kinds of styles and subjects, the better you become at capturing them. I am obsessed with reflections and bicycles and lines and black and white photography.

It’s not so much that it’s easy for me to capture this kind of photo, but that I am constantly practicing it when the opportunity presents itself. Eventually everything comes together. Not every shot is great. Professional photographers show us the photos that work. Not those that didn’t.

So whether it’s when you’re out on a tour or workshop with me or it’s for the weekly photo assignment, it’s always about choosing those things which your vision gravitates towards and doing them over and over again. Just keep doing it.

Monochrome Street Photography
Cycle City, New York City, September 2019

Street photography challenges us to be on top of our game. So for this reason I say it’s good to have 3-5 things in your toolbox when you go out shooting that you can choose from. Only one thing could lead to disappointment if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your vision or some other such thing. We have to work with what’s available.

Now that it’s time for our year end photo assignments, t’s a good time to see if you can detect a pattern in your photos or are already working in themes. It’s time to evaluate where you are and plan where you’d like to be. But don’t be too critical of the past or place expectations too high. It’s always one step at a time.

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