Looking Deeper

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust

For many years now, the above quote from Marcel Proust has been my raison d’être. Seeing with new eyes is a cherished tool of any artist.

I often shoot in the same 5 or 6 neighborhoods in New York City. I never tire of them. I recently had a look at some photos that I took when traveling and was a bit disappointed with them. They appear to be the kind of things that you might notice the first time you visit a new place.

I’m not talking about the touristy places either. But the fact is that the more time I spend in one place, the more I see it. The more time there is to discover.

To see with new eyes is to always observe. To go below the surface. Sometimes the best shot is staring at you like for Sherlock Holmes the clues to solving a mystery were right there in front of his nose.

When I am providing workshops and tours, I show people the things that I see. They often marvel at what I see. But I think it’s just a matter of slowing down and taking the time to really see what is there.

Of course, you can never take the same photo twice. The beauty of returning is that the weather and the light are always different. And the people too. I don’t travel much and I don’t really think about it much as I am so happy with the city that I live in. 

Reflection on the High Line
On the High Line, New York City, April 2019

I’ve taken more than 30,000 photos this year. I’m not telling you that a large majority are great. No no. But the activity keeps me happy. I don’t really bother with metrics. So I have no idea what percentage are fabulous.

Maybe it’s better to think of photography like a sport. You go out and hope that you’ll be on top of your game on a given day. It’s always a combination of the physical and mental attitude that you bring to the game.

If you ask me, seeing with new eyes is better than discovering new lands. And it’s a moving target. You can always find new creative inspiration by shifting your focus from the tool to observing those things that leave an impression on the eyes.

Perhaps one of the important things that I bring to my tours and workshops is pointing out those things that are there waiting for you to notice them. Looking deeper. Photography is about recording that which you visualize.

2 thoughts on “Looking Deeper

  1. Leanne, makes a great point.

    After doing two of her tours and now returned to Australia.

    I am much more away of the locations and great everyday street photography

    Recently did a shoot for a local charity on the faces of the local area, and while we needed permission consents form, it was a great success

    Thanks to Leanne for these newsletters, keep them up

    If you have not commented, yes you need to login to WordPress , however that is pretty easy.

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