Street Photography Tips – Timelessness

Whenever possible I like to take photos that don’t necessarily give away when they were taken. To capture timelessness. I guess that as it becomes more difficult to do so, I like to keep my eyes open to the possibilities.

Soho Street Photography
Street Store, New York City, 6 April 2012

New York City is changing everyday. There’s always something new everywhere you go. There are also things that stay the same throughout long periods of time. You won’t see this little shop (pictured above) anymore. It is long gone.

The flip side is that you can also choose to take photos that give away the times. Like the photo below. It is difficult to know what and how we will see things in 20 years. When you’re out on the streets shooting, this is something to consider.

Color Street Photography
How Many Phones? New York City, 14 April 2019

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