Street Photography Tips – Color

While I tend to prefer black and white street photography, I go through phases where I consciously choose to shoot and process in color.

During those times, I tend towards using color as a dominant part of the composition. Yes, you can’t always choose the colors that you’ll come across or the light for that matter. But it’s another tool that you can use when the situation arises.

Color Street Photography
Orange Corner, New York City, 10 April 2018

In my book City in Color , (above photo is included in the book) color is a dominant feature of the photos. Color becomes the composition. Yes, I give my colors a little assistance. But maybe less than you might think. In both of these photos orange and green are dominant and they are complementary colors.

Bushwick Street Photography
Orange, New York City, 3 September 2015

If you’re looking to try something out that is a little different, assuming you don’t already do this, try it out you might like it. It’s possible that you will need to train your vision or maybe you merely just need to spend a few minutes taking in your environment to become aware of the light and colors.

You could start by giving yourself the assignment of looking for red while out shooting for a day. Red works well with green, orange, yellow and by itself with black and/or white.

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