Street Photography Tips – Patience

I really can’t overstate the importance of patience. Yes, of course you need to be able to get your camera to do what you want it to do. But after that everything in street photography is about using your vision and being aware of what’s going on around and being patient!

Chinatown Street Photography
Red is the Color, New York City, 8 January 2019

The lighting on the day when I took this photo was perfect. An ideal wall and waiting, waiting and waiting. Then a man appears with a red bag that just happens to match the red on the wall. I decided to go with color for this photo because there are minimal colors and because of the light.

There are so many examples of how important patience is when you find the location or background that appeals to you. A man who took a recent street photography workshop with me thanked me for helping him be more patient. I hadn’t even realized that I was doing that and I always think that I could be more patient.

So for starters, you will need to get comfortable with your camera so that you can forget about it and focus on being in the moment while shooting. When a carpenter is holding a hammer, she is thinking of hitting the nail. Not how to use the hammer. Perhaps a hammer is a little easier to use.

I hope that if nothing else you are able to understand the importance of knowing how to use your tool. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if you shoot in auto mode or manual etc. It’s whatever that works for you. If the photos are turning out the way that you want, by all means continue to do so.

I will continue this in the another post and discuss being in the moment. Happy patience even if it may seem contrary to street photography and being in a big city.

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