Street Photography Tips – Preparation

Nothing matters more than being prepared for a day of shooting. The first thing is are you physically prepared? Whether it’s having enough sleep the night before, not being hungry and being dressed for the elements. It’s really like preparing for an exercise routine. The better prepared you are, the better your day will be.

Since street photography also requires that your are mentally prepared, all the physical preparation helps with that. But there is also a kind of zen to street photography as well. It does require that you are capable of being in the moment. It’s good to just stop and observe what’s going on around you. To pause and take a pulse of the environment.

Color Street Photography
Rainy Day in Little Odessa 4, New York City, 13 March 2018

Look for the shadows and light or the center of activity and train your vision to be aware. I find that I can often stop in one place and turn a little in one direction and get a shot and then turn slightly in another direction and get a shot. Let your vision determine your movement. And just observe everything going on around you.

To be able to do this it is important that you first make certain that your camera settings are correct. Do a few shots to test your exposure and make certain that your photos look good. Then try to forget about looking at the preview to see what you just shot. You are likely missing shots when you do and it is a distraction for keeping your eyes on the street.

The more that you shoot street photography the easier it gets to be prepared for a day of shooting. But a word to the wise, although you may have an idea what you want to shoot beforehand, you should learn to abandon that if something more interesting appears!

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