On Becoming

I never planned to become a photographer when I grow up. In fact I thought that I would become a cinematographer. I was very much taken with the films of Truffaut, Hitchcock and others.

So I studied film. It was perhaps nothing more than a romantic dream. For better or for worse, it wasn’t to happen.

For more than 5 decades I have been shooting. I started in film and transitioned to digital about a dozen years ago.

Becoming, New York City, July 2015

I never studied photography. I just did it. It was something I started doing at the age of 12 when I also started writing. They are both forms of communication that are so ingrained that I don’t know how or why I pursued them anymore.

At some points in time it became more important for me. That is true during the analog years and became even more so in the digital age.

I call myself a photographer as a verb. It is something that I do. I am still always becoming a photographer. There is no point of having arrived. It is ongoing. And it is a passion.

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