Street Photography Tips – Silhouettes

It is always good to learn how to utilize different natural lighting situations. In the late afternoon is a great time to capture silhouettes. This photo was taken in Soho at 4:30pm EDT in June. The orange wall is on the north side of the street and the sun is behind me.

Color Street Photography in Soho
What Do You Think? New York City, 5 June 2018

Silhouettes are just one method of capturing street photos and one that I have a great preference for. It isn’t really necessary to fully capture a person’s face. It helps when the background is interesting. When the light is right for silhouettes, take advantage of it. There are so many possible subjects to shoot in street photography. Silhouettes are one in the tool box.

Color Street Photography
Silhouette with Orange Wall, New York City, March 2018

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