Sex Sells

It should come as no surprise to anyone that sex sells. There’s nothing new about that. But for some strange reason it continues to grab our attention. All the products and companies in the world that are vying for your attention and ultimately your cash are using this in some form or other.

The invention of photography has certainly helped to create and perpetuate the sex sells method of appealing to consumers. I’m not writing about nudity or pornography. That is an entirely different subject.

Urban Bliss Two #15, August 2017

Whether it’s about fitness, fashion or cultural norms to mention just a few possible areas, people are expected to live up to certain standards that are typically influenced by campaigns that utilize sex appeal. Your life will be marvelous if you buy or do whatever it is that’s being advertised.

It would perhaps be inaccurate to label it as subliminal. However, the more that we see images that utilize sex as a method of appealing to us, the more it seems normal. We no longer stop and question it.

I don’t know how we escape this or if it’s entirely possible to do so. But perhaps taking a little time to have a look at the messages that you’re being fed on a daily basis and questioning their claims is a good start.

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