What We Know

The role of photography in learning and understanding is often not acknowledged. We tend to think of knowledge as something that we acquire through words, reading, school and intellectual pursuits, to name a few of the influences that are more obvious.

We don’t often spend much time attempting to intellectualize the meaning of an image. They constantly appear in our line of vision. The brain processes them rapidly without the need to make sense of them.

What We Know, New York City, August 2019

That is to say that the brain consumes images without “thinking” about them. We don’t need words and language. We “feel” images.

We are also able to “experience” foreign lands and gain a sense for events that we would never be able to comprehend without them. Fifty years ago an astronaut walked on the moon and we have a photo of it.

Many images reach us in a subliminal manner. That can be for better or worse. So photography has an effect on what we “know” and how we see the world.

When was the last time you spent a few minutes looking at a photo? Your comments are welcome.

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