Street Photography Tips – Camera Choice

Let’s start from the beginning. The first thing in street photography is your camera. The first thing in any kind of photography is your camera! It’s your tool. You take the photo. Not the camera. Any camera that you are comfortable using is a good choice.

I used to use big DSLRs to shoot street photography and they worked really well for me. Many people on my workshops and photo tours shoot with full frame top of the line cameras. Whatever works for you is the best choice. Some people are uncomfortable shooting street photography in general and that can be compounded by using a larger camera.

My choice to switch to mirrorless cameras is in part because DSLRs became too heavy for me. I don’t mention mobile phone photography because quite frankly I can barely use the camera on my phone and I never like the results. I also don’t plan on getting better at that. That’s not my style. But there are many people who do some very nice work with mobile phone cameras. Does that make everyone a photographer? Perhaps.

New York City Street Photography
Raise Plow, New York City, 2 February 2015

Oh, but film cameras are also very cool and I do still shoot film from time to time. Shooting film is fabulous as it really changes the way that you see things and it really provides perspective on how you shoot with a digital camera. In general, you’re likely to take fewer photos when shooting with a film camera. You have to rely on your mind more than just eye candy. Typically people are more discriminating when shooting with film cameras.

Many decisions go into the choice of camera. They are always personal and not about brand name or cost. How much money you spend on a camera does not guarantee the kind of results that you will get in your photography. People are often made to believe that the more money you spend, the better the photo. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All cameras have limitations. Some are better for certain kinds of photography than others.

When it comes to street photography just about any kind of camera works. That said, you may eventually outgrow your camera. If you’re shooting weddings and portraits you may find that the range of cameras gets narrowed down a bit.

Start by becoming comfortable with your camera. Get to the point where your camera is working for you and where you can have a reasonable expectation of getting the desired results. All digital cameras have far more functions than most people will ever use. Once you become comfortable with your camera you may want to experiment with some of those mysterious other functions in your camera. But don’t worry if you don’t know how to do everything. Happy shooting!

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