Welcome to Curious Frame!

I started Curious Frame as a method of compiling my writing on photography in one place. Writing is a different activity and deserves a different location. It is a complement to my other sites.

After shooting for many decades now and making the transition from analog to digital photography, I have spent much time thinking about photography.

Life Goes On, New York City, February 2013

We live in a world that is bombarded with images. Yet we have very few tools or typically time to try and understand what it all means. So my focus is for the most part about the art of photography and attempting to at least posit some interesting questions even if I am unable to arrive at a definitive answer to what any of it really means.

It is of course possible that it means something different to everyone that encounters photography. I would like to think that this is a zone for slow photography. Like slow eating it is meant to be chosen wisely and consumed slowly. About spending more than 10 seconds looking at an image. If you like a photo, is it enough to “like” it and run?

At any rate, I do hope that you enjoy Curious Frame and that you will feel compelled to enter into a conversation about photography.

Thank you,


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